New York

"New York" - Eiko Ojala (Estonian illustrator, graphic designer and art director) (mix of digital illustration, paper textures, and a mix of both real and artificial shadows)

a f a s i a: Sou Fujimoto: Structure doesn't appear to be interactive but actually forms seating for the public.

sou fujimoto is among seven international architects who have designed small bus shelters for the village of krumbach, austria in the bregenzerwald for project BUS:STOP.

Concrete Modular Cities by David Umemoto This sculpture is gaint brutalist architecture reduced to cubes "that can be combined with others to create cities, or surreal places.".

Concrete Modular Cities by David Umemoto

New British Inventors: Inside Heatherwick Studio - 2016 Taipei Fine Arts Museum

Make model similar to this showing dependence on transport in the centre of the city compared to outskirts - New British Inventors: Inside Heatherwick Studio - 2016 Taipei Fine Arts Museum

While bonsai is the art of arranging miniature trees and shrubs in small planters, bonkei (literally “tray landscape”) refers to the equally age-old Japanese tradition of arranging small greenery like rocks and moss to create a landscape. Chiaki Murata and his lifestyle product brand Metaphys ha

Desktop gardening

Minimal Ienami Bonkei planters by Metaphys. Inspired by foliage from ancient Japanese culture, the designer created these planters that are much like a mini home. Once plants are added, a small town sprouts up, like a community garden.


MuSh Residence by Studio 0.10 Architects

Built by Studio Architects in West Los Angeles, United States with date Images by fotoworks - Benny Chan; Studio A single-family residence designed for a couple and set in a postwar subdivision, a few blocks away from the ‘hip' st.