Ahston doesn't deserve any of this crap. He's never done anything wrong! Just leave him alone!

LUCIFER. Cute his name is Lucifer and he has bottom braces

just so everyone knows, Luke was making a joke bc the devil's name was Lucifer, but his mum has said it was Lucas, so. <<< no shit

nope. D'; ill never forget. Ill be in my 80's or something and someone will say "Grandma, who's this boy you have a closet full of?" and ill start sobbing remembering the memories and the times and the songs

I will never forget them.how could I forget a band that helped shape me into who I am today and who I will continue to be the rest of my life.If you see this boys please no that I will never ever forget you guys and that I love you guys so much

That moment when you are Ashton in the group. I feel the same way about this girl here @Nicki Poulis !! I can't live without you!!

My eyes see rainbows and candy clouds with the boys riding down unicorns on them currently x

Okay. So Ash had a lot of battles in his life when he was younger. He was forced to grow up, he was suicidal, and he cut. He stopped for us. I'm so proud of him. It is really hard to stop but he beat it to the curb. Ash is an angel. He told us to not hurt ourselves. He is our strength when we need it most. We (the 5sos fam) are the ones that gave him strength and hope. He also said he would defend us if we got hurt. @5sosashtonirwin, I love you so much. You are in inspiration to me. Please…

This made me tear up. We love you too Ashton ! You are a role model for us. Someone to encourage us to never give.

Are you trying to make me cry Ash?

Are you trying to make me cry Ash?<<< who r they, they look as if they are trying to be punk rock, they are try hards.

They say that they wouldn't be here if it wasn't for us... but what they don't realize is that some of us wouldn't be here if it weren't for them

crying because nobody will ever understand how much I've actually fallen in love with every single member of this frikkin band :')