Captain America #383 by Ron Lim

Celebrate Independence Day with the 20 Most Patriotic Captain America Covers Ever

Captain America #109 (Marvel, 1969)

Cap's origin is retold. Jack Kirby and Syd - Available at 2013 June 16 - 23 Comics.

Captain America # 379 by Ron Lim

Cover for Captain America (Marvel, 1968 series) [Direct Edition]

Cover for Captain America (Marvel, 1968 series) #373 [Direct Edition]

Streets Of Poison - Marvel Comics - Return Of Bullseye - Black Widow - Diamond Back - Ron Lim

Captain America by Kris Anka after Ron Garney

Born on the Fourth of July I wanted to challenge myself so I used the Avengers 2 design based on the set photos.

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"When Captain America throws his mighty shield, all who oppose his shield must yield.