Arrow - Oliver and Felicity #1.3 #3.1 #Olicity ♥ OK THIS SCENE WAS JUST I MEAN OHHH:)

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Arrow - Oliver and Felicity ♥.The thing I love most about Olicity is that Oliver was the one that had to do the chasing, not Felicity. Felicity is the only one that keeps him pointed towards the future.

Felicity, Donna, Ray, Diggle & Oliver #Arrow #TheSecretOriginOfFelicitySmoak #MamaSmoak

Felicity, Donna, Ray, Diggle & Oliver I love when Mama Smoak comes to visit

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#Arrow #TheFlash #Oliver #Felicity #Barry #Olicity ♥

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"Like you and Oliver. Takes one to know one" - Felicity, Oliver & Barry

love this scene :-) she has him very good, positive impact .... and I like how he takes it just naturally :-) partners

Felicity telling Oliver to go save Thea and to stop Slade. he listens to her and she is the only one that calms him. and he relies on her.

This scene just hurts my heart because I know he was just trying to pretend. Though, it was the truth!!

oh they so cute, a computer geek and a green superhero, so so cute, I always thought that from the beginning they would have been together, but date wasn't the case.

In this scene, she was telling Oliver where to find the guy that put the bomb around her neck.

Especially since she is telling Oliver how to find the bomb guy while Dig is getting the bomb off her neck!