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Check me playing and “the rock steady” sticks at the house of blues with at

Jazz great Duke Ellington at the piano- playing one of his songs for jazz band on the piano! So much fun!!

Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington was an American composer, pianist, and big-band leader. Ellington wrote over compositions. Born: April Washington, D. Died: May New York


Music Instruments Silhouettes set

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♫♪ Music ♪♫ musician and her instrument

There is no way you can play the cello and successfully not flash anyone in that tight ass dress. Just sayin'. - An Actual Cellist

Nat King Cole.  The sweetest, honey coated, melodic voice.  Funny, that he considered himself more of a piano player than a singer.  HH

"The people who know nothing about music are the ones always talking about it." — Nat King Cole I grew up with his music; what a voice!

Louis Armstrong was part of a revolution that occurred during this era known as the Harlem Renaissance. African American individuals began to have deep interest and involvement in music, art, and writing. Louis was a big a part of the music side, as his music is still praised to this day.

Louis Armstrong, nicknamed "Satchmo" - American jazz trumpeter and singer. Photo by Hervé Gloaguen, 1965

Ben Webster, Copenhagen 1965

Ben Webster, Copenhagen 1965

mouthpiece is upside down, can't play with reed on top!

mouthpiece is upside down, can't play with reed on top!