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Did you know that if you’re running the wrong way, you can gain MORE weight instead? Knowing the ‘secret to running for weight loss’ will help you los

Cheetah Silhouetted against a Kalahari full moon. This is a composite image just added to my growing collection of Wildlife & The Moon . Both images blended here were shot in the Kgalagadi Transfontier Park in South Africa.

~Sensuelle's Picture Book~

Young Cheetah sports a mohawk! :-) Thanks to Wild Nature (FB)" Cheetahs r amazing, and adapting to the new enviromental changes but for once not fast enough. DO UR PART! Save the cheetah


A caracal is a golden cat that lives in dry regions, from Africa to India. When a caracal is ready to attack, it turns its ears toward its back, but doesn't completely flatten them (as seen in the picture). Next is the most common leopard species.

I am a cheetah and I am running late.

Promotion- Nike just with Logo and comparing it to speed is promoting the brand without even displaying the product. Consumers form an perception of comparing Nike with speed.


Cheetah (Acinonyx Jubatus) Mother With, Adolescents, Samburu National Reserve, Kenya Reproduction photographique par Gerry Ellis sur AllPosters.

Clouded Leopard~seldom seen in the wild. The pattern in her fur is truly amazing.

21 Cats Sitting And Sleeping EXACTLY Where They Shouldn't Be

Clouded Leopard~seldom seen in the wild. The clouded leopard is a cat found from the Himalayan foothills through mainland Southeast Asia into China, and has been classified as Vulnerable in 2008 by IUCN

A Natureza E Os Animais: Gatos Selvagens.

~~The Magician ~ majestic leopard atop a termite mound by David Lloyd~~ Beautiful!