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140 year old mom with a 5 day old son via @itsearthpics

nubbsgalore: “eight baby african spurred tortoises, each weighing about 25 grams, piggyback on their mother, who weighs about grams. photos by attila balazs. see also: baby galapagos tortoise.

To the sea, and step on it.

That's just adorable! Seal getting a ride from a turtle." said turtle.

Great Dane Puppies & a Sulcata Tortoise

The Humane Society of the United States - Farm Animal Protection Campaign. So cute! This rescued tortoise was in need of some love. He made pals with these (rescued) dogs, and now they are one big happy, multi-species, family! Animals are awesome!

140 year old turtle mom with her 5 day old son. Nyiregyhaza Animal Park in Hungary.

Radiated Tortoise.

Radiated tortoise -- Madagascar -- These tortoises are critically endangered due to habitat loss, being poached for food, and being over-exploited in the pet trade. In March smugglers were arrested, carrying a single bag containing 21 radiated tortoises

Turtle herd

THE MOTHERSHIP HAS LANDED Here you see the rare and elusive mother blarb and her flock of blips hand grenade family portrait

Because turtles need hugs too.

Because turtles need hugs too.

"Read my lips ... I didn't eat it ...I SWEAR I didn't!!! ;)"     LOL Oh what a face....hahahaha! Turtles ....Vegan Love

"*Galapagos Tortoise* - Puerto Ayora, Galapagos, Ecuador" [Photographer Arthur Morris/BIRDS AS ART - July 29 I the paradise we will finally live longer than these guys