Tiny home

Placed in a garden setting in Prague, Czech Republic, this minimalist tea house was designed by David Maštálka of Architects and completed in The

Ecospace Garden Studio with Grass Turf Living Roof

Ecospace Studios uses the latest design methods for garden studios construction including contemporary garden room, office, eco friendly buildings and also

Black Teahouse / A1ARCHITECTS

The Black Teahouse by A1Architects

This reminds me of the central courtyard in my GP surgery in Guildford, believe it or not.  There was nothing more healing than seeing this tranquility while waiting to see your doctor.

Reminds me of our recent trip to Japan. Stunning simplicity in construction and gorgeous, secret courtyards like this are so dreamy in traditional Japanese homes!

16 Unusual Houses Around the World

Your ordinary log cabin is laid out with lengthwise logs stacked to make its outer walls. Piet Hein Eek, charged with building a cozy recording studio for friend and musician Hans Liberg, did not make any ordinary log cabin.

Tuinhuis in de tuin

The Bunkie is a modern prefab home that's like a cool playhouse for adults. The Bunkie is a collaborative effort between industrial design firm 608 Design and architectural design firm BLDG Workshop.


Small place in Sweden. "Traditional ritual involves baking the sauna together, and dashing out for a refreshing dip in cold water. To make the process a perfect small pond was built adjacent to the sauna. Beside the pool there is a small garden near it.