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JohnnyBro's How To Draw Manga: Drawing Manga Eyes (Part II) Again, to help DS with his art assignment. <<< It's so nice to see the different ways to draw eyes!

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Sooo i'm kinda in art block. So i thought I'd make up for my lack of tutorials I said I'd be doing and draw eyes! With expressions basically its just how i draw eyes, but i labeled how I would.

I remember my sister having a big envelope with a page of eyes, a page of noses, a page of mouths, a page of ears and different shapes of face lines to trace and make your own funny faces

How to draw anime girl mouth. How to draw anime girl mouth. How to draw anime girl mouth step by step. How to draw anime girl mouth step by step for beginners. How to draw anime girl mouth smile. How to draw anime girl mouth sad.

different anime eye styles...liking the one top right <3 so kawaii~ #anime

apprendre a dessiner des yeux ^^ Más Original Comment Translation: Learn to draw the eyes *something*?

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You have just learned how to draw crying eyes step by step. How To Draw: Eye Crying by sharonitsazombie Baby Eyes, from Drawing Your Baby by.

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Some chibi faces I created. (: This is a couple months old. X) comments/opinions appreciated ^__^ if you use any please credit me. ~thanks Chibi Facial Expressions


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