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Music note bird. | Tattoo Ideas | Pinterest

Songbird tattoos can range from cute to ornate to pictures including realism. Songbird tattoos often pair nicely with personal symbolism, such as the one b

Wrist tattoo- mine and my sons astrology signs. Taurus and virgo <3

Taurus is the second zodiac sign that is symbolized by bull. This is another great theme in tattoo art. Look at these best taurus tattoo designs for ideas.

love this

This is a cute,sister tattoo idea. My sister and I have matching tattoos.

Sun, Moon, and Star Sister or Friend Tattoos

The Sun. I think this is a nice size, I'm going for small rather than too big and imposing. The sun, the moon, the stars--I really like this!

i shall get this as a reward when i hit my goal weight :) but ill make it special to me<3

So im just saying that anchors sink! So stop puting i refuse to sink next to your anchor tattoos!