"I'm just a doll on a music-box/that's wound by a key." ~~Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

the lovely Kate Mior in her custom gibbous dress. shot by Matt Servo for Fangoria's October issue. ⠜♥ I think the automaton need a key to be wound up.

Captain Maggots of Emilie Autumn's Bloody Crumpets

Firestarter, circus fire water costume inspiration for my first festival at the end of May.

Dark Circus | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

While Sheherazade was going through the contents of an old steamer trunk she came across this photograph of her paternal Grandmother, Mirabelle. Before becoming an archeologist, Mimi was a circus performer known for her eclectic millinery collection.

I like it!

Kate Mior entertains both young & old as a wind-up doll. The ‘key’ actually clicks when turned.


gloves and cards, hat, shoulder pieces, nails, makeup by Joyce Spakman aka Candy Make-up Artist NO photoshop

Circus of Splendor & Grandeur

Mask - In the novel Marco has a different face in the beginning. This picture represents the mask that people wear when they don't want the truth to be seen. Lies can hide behind anyone, but when they take off the mask they show who that person really is.

Wined up doll

Arsenic in the shell Steampunk Doll By CS : “My daughter designed her own Steampunk Cyborg Doll costume for Halloween this year and she and her mom hand made it. The eye piece on the mask is the lens from a point and shoot camera from Goodwill.