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"Now, I found, that the world is round and of course it rains everyday.  Living tomorrow, where in the world will I be tomorrow? How far am I able to see? Or am I needed here?" -Bee Gees

Sherlock and friends getting ready for bed! :D WATSON IS ADORABLE Wash wash the kitty, scrub scrub the kitty


Scenes from the Life of Sherlock and John by ~portmanteau-press on deviantART - Sherlock (BBC) - Sherlock & John - johnlock

Adorable Sherlock and Mycroft still doesn't give a fuck

Anderson is just lying there omg and I love how Moriarty is the one crawling towards Sherlock. <-- and that John is protecting Mrs Hudson <-- Mycroft looks so ticked off for a kid though, it's adorable!<-- i think john is protecting Mary

Call an ambulance cause I just got a severe case of the feels...........:

Call an ambulance cause I just got a severe case of the feels.<<everything I know about Sherlock is a result of secondhand fandom disease and I still got the feels.

2276 'IT’S HERE' by enerjax (jan 2014)

Hi I'm Jackie! Illustrator of the nerdy variety; avid Cumberbunny, ✨Star Wars trash✨, I love all the things💕 MY SHOPS: ♥Storenvy, and ♥RedBubble Commissions: