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Minimalist poster of children's stories: Alice in Wonderland

Minimalist Posters for Your Favorite Children’s Stories

Minimalist Fairy Tale Posters Honestly this is perfect, I always look at the crescent moon and see it as the Cheshire Cat smile.

WALL·E (2008) ~ Minimal Movie Poster by Wonchan Lee ~ Pixar Series

Australia-based designer Wonchan Lee has created this fabulous set of minimalist posters featuring most of the popular Pixar movies.

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory minimalist simple movie poster

16 More Minimalist Movie Posters

Best Film Posters : Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Minimalist Movie posters from

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reservoir dogs: Part of Ibraheem Youssef’s Quentin Tarantino Graphic movie poster series.

Vintage Movie Posters - Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo Movie Poster, via Minimalist Movie Posters by alyce The "Finding Nemo" poster symbolizes individuality.

"wax on, wax off" -You know you grew up in the 80's if you know the profound meaning of this phrase. lol

Minimalist Movie Posters by Matt Owen

This a simple and minimalist movie posters by Matt Owen, an art director from Little Rock, Arkansas. He produces simple minimalist movie posters for classic and modern films using the most basic of elements in an incredibly clever way.