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Notable Notes: Teaching With Infographics - Metawriting

Teaching Writing, Infographics, Infographic, Info Graphics, Teaching Handwriting

A curriculum for our time

Present-day schools are no longer fit for purpose—if we are serious about equipping young people to thrive in an uncertain future. We need to revisit what “well educated” means in our time and look…

Personalized Learning: What It Really Is and Why It Really Matters -

Celebrating Ourselves

Writing a personal praise poem is an uplifting positive reinforcement exercise, but creating a praise poem woven from the praise of others is powerful magic

TEACHER VOICE: My classroom is the loud one – and the students are thriving - The Hechinger Report

Teaching Writing, Desks, Medicine, Tables, Bureaus, Medical Science, Office Desks, Medical, Medical Technology

Teaching Newsletter: How Useful Is Creativity? 10/12/2017

Fake It To Make It - Games for Change

Education Update:Does Homework Help?:Five Ways to Strengthen Student Questioning

Notable Notes: Classroom Badges - Metawriting

Have you ever thought about adding badges to your class toolbox?

The problem with ‘grit’

CBS News aired a useful interview with Angela Duckworth this morning. I’m adding it to The Best Resources For Learning About “Grit”: View More: Lifestyle News

The Minecraft Generation

How a clunky Swedish computer game is teaching millions of children to master the digital world.

This report is a good reminder that asking for participation and input during change is an effective #communication #strategy. And that we shouldn’t let other #research get in the way of gathering the #data needed to make communication even better.

Who knew furry little rodents were such experts on story arc? See the three-act structure acted out to…

Grading With Badges Revisited - Metawriting

While everyone else is enjoying a snow day, I am in the midst of midterm grading. Why does it always seem like a good idea to place assignment due dates so close to the grading window when I am bui.

Why research skills matter more than ever… — Medium

17 things every K-drama fan is guilty of searching online: "Are *two drama leads* dating in real life?

Notable Notes: Planning ahead while wrapping up - Metawriting