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Bombing for Peace is like fucking for virginity - anti-war Protest sign

Hippie bus

Hippie vibes with a vw camper van, perfect glamping for any festival.

Exactly! Wake up America and realize what's going on and stop it!

"Nation of sheep ruled by wolves, owned by pigs" Well when you put it that way. Animal farm did teach us something

Pale ✟❁

We all got money, time, or character so let's go feed them!They got money for wars but can't feed the poor - Tupac Shakur, poet

🌷🌻🌸🌺🌹💐💗 The journey is within. Meet your higher self. Work on your infinity.

Still trying to learn the best way of combining traditional and digital. But practice makes perfect :) Here’s my little Hayley Williams piece. FALL IN LOVE WITH YOURSELF! Artwork by:.

"There is in All Women a Wild and Ancient Gypsy Who Cries in Anguish When We Search Her Flat. There is Part of Us That Can Never Ever Be Happy Until the Gypsy Can Dance." - By Author Clarissa Pinkola Estes.

"The most dangerous phrase in the human language is, 'this is the way we've always done it'"

“The Most Violent Element in Society is Ignorance” - Emma Goldman, Anarchist

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Let our mission be to radiate love and light from the depths of our being into the depths of others. Through all of our thoughts, our hopes, our words, and our

Inspire creativity and imagination every day with this Fancy Elephant magnet by Papaya! Embellished with playful glitter detailing, this magnet is the perfect small thank you gift or stocking stuffer.

Hippie Child! Love'm

I am defiantly a modern hippie. I hate it so much when people mistreat nature and animals. If I had the money I would but everything organic, and I would have a solar powered house. I'm all in when it comes to saving the Earth in any way I can.