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we are bulletproof!


Whenever someone hates on bts I'm like but do you know of the two angels called Jimin and Jhope cuz u can't hate them unless ur heart is made out of coal from the deepest darkest depths of the volcanoes in hell

BTS | JHOPE; he's impossibly beautiful. I'm seriously thinking about letting him join Tae as my bts bias

People who say jhope is ugly, get an eye test and some common sense and then come back

Jhope Mama Awards 2015;  My love, BTS J-Hope   ....photo credit to owner

Jhope Mama Awards My love, BTS J-Hope .photo credit to owner

“why do they look like food in a microwave”

kookie: "I found a badass move to impress the girls" /does clock dance/

Jung Ho Seok | J-Hope | 정 호석 | BangTan Boys

we are bulletproof!

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