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Trasporto della moglie: un percorso ad ostacoli con la moglie..in braccio!

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Who Needs a Bathroom Sink Drain? - YouTube

My bathroom sink drain breaks (unusual korean design) and I end up spending a lot of time in my shower! I was inspired by some Seinfeld!

The Best Of Kramer - The Shower Head

Kramer and Jerry are not pleased with the new "low-flow" shower heads that the building's maintenance department has installed Kramer asks to use Elaine's sh.

Cool Dragon Rider Illusion Costume... Coolest Halloween Costume Contest

Cool Dragon Rider Illusion Costume

This is my husband in the "Dragon Rider" costume that I made for him. The head base was shaped from newspaper and masking tape.

World Cup Picture of the Day

Each and every day during the FIFA 2014 World Cup Jimmy will be scouring the best of the web for the funniest World Cup related picture.

if top gear hosts were cartoon characters... which they sometimes almost seem to be... love this art

(via Top Gear: Hamster, Jezza, Slow by on deviantART) "There’s not nearly enough Top Gear art out there! Richard Hammond, Jeremy Clarkson, and James May! The lovable hosts of Top Gear.

Hedwig and the Angry Inch - surprisingly good in a surprisingly great movie

" A film based on a play about a punk rock group from the former East Germany, fronted by a tra.

People running with a sense of humor. | The 37 Happiest Things You See While Running A Marathon

Creative, hilarious, and probably uncomfortable marathon costumes. The best outfits worn by marathon runners for fun or charity.