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Bersaglieri - FrontedelPiave.info - Fronte del Piave - Fronte del piave ARTICLE

Bersaglieri - FrontedelPiave.info - Fronte del Piave - Fronte del piave ARTICLE

Sul Pasubio: cani adibiti al traino delle slitte 1916

Q Italian soldiers with army dogs on the Monte Croce Pass Carnic Alps.

WWI - Italian  war photographer

Some of the photos can be harsh or unpleasant. War is a disgrace, is cruelty, misery, tears and death. But I believe that war must be shown with all its consequences, not as it is often.

prima guerra mondiale italia - Cerca con Google

WWII Italian Alpini walking in the everpresent snow of the Dolomitic front



Cavalleria francese II Guerra mondiale

Members of the Royal Scots Greys cavalry regiment rest their horses by the side of the road, in France. (National Library of Scotland) World War I in Photos: Animals at War - The Atlantic

Gunner Wehrmacht (German army WW2) with MG-34 machine gun with optical sight MGZ.34. MGZ.34 view is for shooting at a distance of up to 2500 m, and the line closed position (3000 m) and indirect (up to 3500 m) fire.

German machine gunner aiming a MG 34 with optical sight. Date and location unknown.

World War I - Bulgarian soldiers in a trench, preparing to fire against an incoming airplane. The Bulgarians suffered their only defeat of the war at the Battle of Dobro Pole: Bulgaria capitulated two weeks later, on 29 September 1918.

Bulgarian troops preparing to fire against an incoming enemy airplane, sometime during World War I

Thule Italia per immagini

Wehrmacht (Heer) soldier using his body weight to stabilize an on an anti-aircraft tripod

Leibstandarte SS

A German soldier with his Shepard in front of a coastal fortification. Inside the Bunker a cm PaK Saint Malo - France.

Se non mi vedi mi senti arrivare. ''MIVV''

Cannon Men: German soldiers pose happily inside the barrel of the long range gun which bombarded Paris during the Spring of

Vestito nero uomo con camicia nera fascismo

A group of Fascist “Camicie Nere” (Black Shirts) in visit to Reparto Alta Velocità-RAV (High Speed Flight) at Desenzano del Garda, Lake Garda, second half of the Thirties.

37 - Reparto trasmissioni radio austriaco.JPG

37 - Reparto trasmissioni radio austriaco.JPG