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I'm sure that is how it would really be.  Harry breaks up with Draco  by ~AnnikaClarisse deviantART

Harry breaks up with Draco

Another moment of Draco and Harry the gay lard.

Happy Birthday, Draco - Chapter 1 - PukingPastilles - Harry Potter - J. Rowling [Archive of Our Own] >>>>>>> It's posts like these that make me ship Draco and Harry more and

I ship it!!!!!

I ship it!!!!!

tom felton gif

Drarry I JUST DIED. (((( I love that Tom Felton is pretty much the biggest drarry shipper EVER. <- don't you love it when a member of the ship also ships the ship

DRARRY Almost Impossible by HitoriMaron on DeviantArt

One of my favorite Drarry arts and one of my favorite songs Drarry fandom has adopted.

This Is Drarry : Photo

My sister sent me this --> [link] and i thought it was the funniest thing in the world Oh TF, you're so adorable! I don't really like/ship Drarry and. Malfoy reacts to DRARRY

Ron I'm breaking up with you no I'm severus

Funny pictures about I'm breaking up with you. Oh, and cool pics about I'm breaking up with you. Also, I'm breaking up with you.


This is the real story. You think the slytherins are all mean and shit but they are actually really excepting and blaise is always teasing Malfoy about his crush on potter.


I loved sneep.

Funny pictures about Potter Animal Pals. Oh, and cool pics about Potter Animal Pals. Also, Potter Animal Pals.