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i whip my hair back and forth.A Summer In Photos. this one is AWESOME and i don't even care how cliche these pictures are


Models Dive 25 Meters To An Underwater Shipwreck In Bali For A Literally Breathtaking Photoshoot. Montreal-based photographer Benjamin Von Wong is known for his complex productions and very stunning powerful images.


Dance senior picture at the beach at sunset. Dance senior picture idea for girl at sunset. Dance senior picture idea for girl at the beach.


Versace, Veiled Dress, El Mirage, 1990 © Herb Ritts Foundation Naomi Campbell places one high-heeled foot in front of the other.

We all long for salt water hair! #summer #hair

being able to do this was pretty much the only thing I liked about having long hair as a kid(Cool Pictures Of The Ocean)

Hair Wave... what the F' is this!>! Really?

Hair flipping in the ocean. Pictures Exact Right Moment 15 i truly love this pic. plus you be looking so amazing too.