Snow sculpture bear hug

snowman bear snow bear hugging tree, **Inspired Snow Art: Alternatives To Snowmen. i am so gonna try this next time we get snow.

"I am Snow Baymax. Your personal health care companion. On a scale of 1 - 10, how would you rate your pain?" I guess this Baymax can't heat up like a warm marshmellow.

Snow Baymax - it's a Snowmax! This is the most awesome thing I've seen all day!

The Coca-Cola polar bear Ice cold refreshment

The Coca-Cola polar bear Ice cold refreshment

Snow Elephant

LA visitor looks at an elephant made of snow and ice at the Central Botanical Garden during winter in Minsk, February REUTERS/Julia Darashkevich

Snow Creation

This year we decided to build a extra large snow dog and used our four year

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10 Masterfully Sculpted Snowdogs That Will Put Your Snowman To Shame

When I see snow, my twelve-year-old instinct tells me wants to race out and build a huge snowman complete with coal buttons and carrot nose, but these days I’ve been […]

A great snow sculpture in a tree... love it!

Nature made a snow-bear! Polar bear sculpture created by snow accumulated on a branch. Via FB