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Marching Band/cheerleader Problems

That is sooo true! My friend and I get them stuck in our heads all the time! The drum Cadences are fun to dance to after football games.

Drum Major on Pinterest | Marching Band Problems

But I was trained by the drum major. My friend (trumpet player) thought they were better but my drum major said otherwise.

Marching band probs :/ lol

How many times did I say this in my high school life?<----- I have just started band camp recently (freshman).

whenever i go to parades. i see someone playing a mellophone i feel like i found a long lost relative. who also has to explain to everyone what they play.

I'm not so sure this is a problem though! ---->it's not supposed to be, does nobody notice that the 'blem' part of 'problem' has been crossed out, making it a music pro?

I bet the music he plays is imaginary too

What's even more awkward? Having to do the same thing as part of the band front :/

Marching Band Problems - ugh I remember this torture too well

Marching Band Problems - it's usually trumpets, colorguard, or flutes. But we flutes were prett good this year so it's really just trumpets and colorguard. Ok mostly colorguard.