Beautiful Garden Art - Grow Green Hair I love this, wish I could find some head planters to use.

Cool planters for my succulents

The coolest application for a "chia pet" that I've ever seen. Beautiful succulent hair for these beautiful ceramic busts. /// via Oh Joy.

DIY Succulent Garden Ideas by Hercio Dias

**Most tropic or succulents are not pet or child friendly plants, please check the plants safety for its environment .

blog de decoração - Arquitrecos: Verde na cabeça! Vasos para plantas + Pesquisa de Mercado + Street Art

Verde na cabeça! Vasos para plantas + Pesquisa de Mercado + Street Art

Donkey tail in head planter, talk about a perfect balance with the plants and planter! Cathy T - Artsy Gardens

Looking for Head Planters?

Believe it or not this is all the same female planter head - just different plants and 2 different finishes Moss and Stone - Shades do vary (Diy Garden Stones)

Casa de Euterpe: Decálogo do Artista - Gabriela Mistral

Orange flower art that just makes me smile! guerilla street art gardening whimsy with marigolds

DIY Concrete Garden Hands - do using Mudras!

14 DIY ideas for your garden decoration 7

Concrete hands cup a plant. diy concrete hands planter using cement and old rubber gloves.

Container Gardening

One of our most popular posts, “Containers You Never Thought Of” (find it here) was just begging to be repeated, so we spent some time this week searching for even more unique garden container ideas.