Song Mino

Stage Name: Mino Birth Name: Song Min Ho Birthday : March 1993 Label: YG entertainment Group: Winner Position : Main Ra.

#SongMinho #Mino #WINNER

#SongMinho #Mino #WINNER


Song Minho, Ex-leader of winner and rapper look alike gd but his voice sounds like TOP kkkk^^ mino oppa

Ohhhh gawwwd waeeeeeeeeeee #Mino #YG #Winner

Random pictures of biases on my phone:“Mino edition ”


Winner Exit : E album Imagine, this is mino, your bf. he's waiting for your reply. 😍😍 - Admin W🌻

P.O and Mino's friendship <3 | allkpop Meme Center

P.O and Mino's friendship

O and Mino's friendship considering that Mino was training with BlockB in predebut (omg! Kyung looks like a little babymonkey!

2015: Song Mino WINNER (위너) GDA

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