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This is true, I once only could think about how many spots cows naturally have

Sole times I worry that other people can read my mind because I think of such weird stuff they would probably throw me in a mental home 😂

I used to think that I was weird to be able to think about and jump from idea to completely different idea! Apparently - I'm not alone lol!

I personally hate how one idea leads to another which leads to ten things that were never related to what I was thinking about five minutes ago.

Don't leave me ALONE 'cause it's only 5 YARNALAWAVER for a solar panel and 6 for BRAKES FIXED

This is sooooo true! I have a Gemini friend that this resonates with (LW)!

When Gemini Is Angry.

I prefer to avoid people entirely when this happens, that partially due to my introversion.

I have no patience for ignorance

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Unless one is a very good at groveling.

Once a Gemini is over you, it's really over. Don't ever take a "break" with a Gemini. It won't ever come back around to the way it was. SO TRUE!

That is a TRUTH.

Playing a Gemini is not a good idea. Before you decide your move, they're on their