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A fishy in a dishy...

A fishy in a dishy.

Sari Print Snack Plates - Set of Four - Handmade Pottery Square Bread Plates - Green, White, and Burgandy

This is a demonstration of our making tapas plates using slabs of clay and a foam cushion. We use this method to make a number of items we.

Large Pottery Serving Bowl  Decorative Ceramic by Botanic2Ceramic, $128.00

Large Pottery Serving Bowl - Decorative Ceramic Bowl - Fossil Fern - by…

Drawing and painting on pottery with underglaze pencil

Drawing and painting on pottery with underglaze pencil. My favorite thing under glazing Thanks to my mentor Wendy Olson who first started my ceramics journey

ONE Handmade 16 oz Mug for Mom  decorative by JanFairhurstPottery

ONE Handmade 16 oz Stoneware Coffee Mug - decorative gray blue with design - Ready to Ship

Clay Hand Building Ideas | HAND BUILDING A FISH BOWL.wmv [+/-]

Ceramic Charity

John from Pottery Works uses an extruding gun to make this fish bowl, but something inspired by this could be created with open coils.

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Resurved for Cherri\/ Blue or Green Leaf Plates \/ Handmade Stoneware Clay Pottery