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Ciel, honey.. no..

Black Butler ~~ You had me at the list of gourmet food at the top. Everything else was gravy, pardon the pun. <<<<< He had me at Grell and him doing the deed~.

WARNING! Tumblr posts within. Reading required. - Imgur

WARNING! Tumblr posts within. Reading required.

Iwatobi Swim Club, Attack on Titan, Danganronpa, Hetalia, Ouran High School Host Club (omg the last one XD)

Sebastian x Grell's FREE! Love Child:

Black Butler - If Sebastian & Grell had a Love Child it would look like Rin Matsuoka.Oh dear lord. I can't help but agree to this.

Sebastian x Ciel: Dream by SebbyxCiel03 on deviantART

So a new short story I came up with, LOL poor Ciel and his dreams, he (I) wished that happed, >////////////< (Anyway, Sebastian knows what's . Sebastian x Ciel: Dream

And everyone knows how grell felt....He is wet...like every girl right now

See more of everyone’s favorite demon butler in the movie, Black Butler: Book of the Atlantic, in theaters subtitled TODAY and dubbed in just two days!

London Bridge lyrics. Who knew there were so many?

Drocell - London Bridge, since I watch Black Butler I have parts of this song stuck in my head its so good to have found the full version in writing