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#빠칭코 「〃TST77。COM〃」 #릴게임야마토 #삼삼카지노 #온라인야마토 https://youtu.be/7F-rkb0SDbw 스터 유나이티드가 찰하노글루를 원하고 있다. FC 바르셀로나와 아틀레티코 마드리드도 이적을 제안했다”면서 “루디 펠러(55·독일) 레버쿠젠 단장도 찰하노글루에 대

Swoon - Lavender fields in Sussex, Great Britain. Just another reason to visit England!

Cherry trees blooming ~ springtime in Japan // by comolebi*

"Hanami -- The traditional Japanese custom of enjoying the beauty of flowers. Cherry Blossom Spring Promenade Walk in Oita-shi, Oita Prefecture, Japan

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A beautiful Sakura tree, When there petals fall off its almost like its snowing, It looks very mythical like as if your dreaming.

Mount Fuji and green tea fields, Shizuoka, Japan

Fuji and Green tea farm, Japan. Daniels, you are so blessed to be able to not only see Mt Fuji anytime you want, but also GREEN TEA FARMS near you.