Number 1 (Lavender Mist) (detail), 1950 - Jackson Pollock

(Lavender Mist) - Jackson Pollock ::: Pollock became influenced by Picasso, Miro and the surrealists but soon developed his own unique style which he would later become famous for.

Jason Pollok " Number 23" 1948 Enamel on gesso on paper 58 x 78 cm

Number 23 - Jackson Pollock Completion Date: 1948 Style: Action painting Period: Drip period Genre: abstract painting Technique: enamel Material: paper Dimensions: 575 x 784 cm Gallery: Tate Britain, London, England, UK

Jackson Pollock - Galaxy, 1947

Galaxy - 1947 - Oil and aluminum paint on canvas - X - Joslyn Art Museum Omaha Nebraska

Number 48 - Jackson Pollock - WikiArt.

by Nina Number 48 by Jackson Pollock* The first time I read the definition of yoga in Patajanli’s Yoga Sutras, I have to admit my eye.