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Golden trio

twiggymcbones: “ A little late night study sesh featuring BlackHermione! Thanks, Sarah for the idea/marching orders :-P Who else is excited for HP and the Cursed Child?

Resultado de imagen de lavender brown y parvati patil

meabhd: “ Don’t try and tell me Lavender and Parvati weren’t those “It Girls”, I will only disagree with you. For Femslash February ”

Волшебный мир

hellooooooo Hermione in a towel just a part of a short comic im working on I think the dramione loves will enjoy it Photoshop Bamboo Tablet


didyousaymaraudersormurder: “ saintdrarry: “ upthehillart: “ Marauders edition of this ” I’m fucked up. Sirius and James… Mercy please ” Lol Sirius arm is around Remus so causally I’m dead ”