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earthdaily: Fox Twist by Sean Gordon on Flickr.

A white fox with one brown eye and one blue eye. I love dogs like this!

DrøgalįzeD †.

-The Beauty of a Wolf- "I am trapped!", shouted a lone wolf not far from a female Grey wolf.

Lazing around

Wolves are beautiful animals. Stop hunting and trapping these majestic creatures. Imagine living your life in fear of getting killed or trapped.

Sometimes I wish I could howl like a wolf within this grief.

Wolf -- Portrait - Black and White - Snow - Winter - Wildlife - Photography

3 wolves - Quebec

Three Wolves, Quebec, Canada Photo by - Daniel Parent from Amazing Things in the World, fb


Siberian Huski BY ~ Rafael Tamajón - via: senerii: - Imgend Beautiful dog! This is a very nice photo.

White Wolf howls after finding food to call clan over to eat. Arooooo

Serious Facts You Must Know about the White Snow Wolf

OK well hiiiiiiii my name is Shannon I'm 20 and Australian. I'm random and kinda annoying (but in a good way). I love anime, nature, photography and other random stuff.

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просто животные – Сообщество – Google+