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Young Girl With Primroses by Margaret W Tarrant - English Artist - 1888 - 1959 Looks like my baby Lola

Red Riding Hood

Cara Sposa / fleurdulys: Red Riding Hood - William M. Spittle (red riding hood - william m.

Peacock, Jantina Peperkamp (Dutch)

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Leon Loard Oil Portraits - Corporate Portraits, Official Portaits & Family Portraits

Leon Loard Oil Portraits - Corporate Portraits, Official Portaits & Family Portraits


Morgan Weistling Handsigned and Numbered Limited Edition Canvas Giclee:"The Gardener" Artist: Morgan Weistling Title: The Gardener Edition Size: Artist Signed and Numbered, limited to 75 (s/n) Medium: Giclee on Canvas Image Dimensions

Mary Cassatt (1844-1926). Young Mother In the Garden.   Cassatt was instrumental in bringing the works of the Impressionist movement to America. She was a close friend of Degas and exhibited alongside in 1879. Cassatt principally painted children and scenes of motherhood with simplicity, energetic brushwork, and glowing colors.

"Young Mother in the Garden", by Helen Galloway McNicoll Canadian impressionist painter, whose art shares some commonalities of expression and subjects with that of impressionist Mary Cassatt.

Rupert Bunny - Madge Currie

Rupert Bunny @ National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne

The presence and variety of portraits in this exhibition – as well as their regular appearance on the art market – confirms that Rupert Bunny’s portrait oeuvre deserves a closer examination, and perhaps an exhibition in its own right.

The Silk Divan by Michele Gordigiani (1835 – 1909, Italian)

Michele Gordigiani (1835 – 1909, Italian)


James Christensen - The Beggar Princess and the Magic Rose. If that's what a beggar princess wears, I want to be a beggar princess.