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"Paris Views"  - Photo : Gail Albert Halaban-

Votre voisin d'en face vous observe peut-être, comme l'a fait la photographe Halaban à Paris

Voyeuristic Photos Capture Intimate Scenes Through Apartment Windows in Paris Gail Albert Halaban - Paris Views

© Gail Albert Halaban

"Vis-à-vis" ou la vie ordinaire des Parisiens

Big Or not to Big

Gail Albert Halaban: Paris Views Quai Anatole, Paris 26 Septembre, Photo: Gail Albert Halaban, courtesy of Edwynn Houk Gallery

Photo credit: Gail Albert-Halaban Quai Anatole, Paris, Le 26 Septembre, 2013 A Photographer’s Voyeuristic Photos of a Paris Neighborhood Captured During Sleepless Nights

Parisian design exteriors will be influenced by Haussmann. He treated architecture as if all the buildings should be unified and not as their own.

Galerie Art | Paysage : Sur Paris | Alain Cornu | Photographe | Photographer

Alain Cornu is a talented 49 years old French photographer, who was born in 1966 in Decize and currently based in Paris.

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Paris Par Rues Méconnues | via Facebook

Dear Tour Eiffel I miss you so much. To see the The Eiffel Tower you do not have To live on the center of paris , I mean . , she is so tall that you can't miss her, if you live in a tall building as me !