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Basic DC Circle Pattern - The double crochet hat pattern has been around for eons. It is also a standard mandala pattern as well. Once you hit the circumference in increases then just do rounds of dc in each stitch for a deep as you want the hat.

Basic Formula for Crocheting Circles - not sure this is quite right for me - more like 6, 8, 10...

There are many ways to crochet circles--flat circles, solid color circles, multicolor circles, circles with continuous rounds and more. I want to address this, because I get asked about this all th.

How to make FLAT circles: SINGLE CROCHET CIRCLES (sc)...Multiples of 6 sc. Start with 6 sc and increase 6 sc per round. HALF DOUBLE CROCHET CIRCLES (hdc)...Multiples of 8. DOUBLE CROCHET CIRCLES (dc)...Multiples of 12. ❥ 4U // hf

Creating a flat Circle: Single Crochet [sc] : Start with 6 sc and increase 6 sc in each round so that the total stitch count in each round is a multiple of 6 Half Double Crochet [hdc] : Multiple of 8 Double Crochet [dc] : Multiple of 12

This handy crochet cheat sheet will help you remember how to turn your work for the stitch you want to do

Crochet Cheat Sheets The Best Collection

Crochet Cheat Sheet Oombawka Design [Check out the whole site!] Take a look at this awesome Crochet Cheat Sheet! This is a great resource.

Ravelry: elshelbey's Tunisian circle potholder, with instructions

elshelbey's Tunisian circle potholder, with instructions

brilliant tut on how to make a Tunisian short row circle…easy enough to practice your Tunisian crochet stiches and it’s small enough to use a regular hook….

This might seem like a silly thing to crochet, but it's quick, it WORKS and it means I don't have to buy replacement things.  I am proud to say I've NEVER bought Swiffer anythings---other than the thing itself.  No disposables, please.

How to create reusable swiffer sock crochet. Put an end to disposable dust cloths with this clever reversible Swiffer sock. One side is flat, the other loopy, so you can use it wet or dry. Need to get my mom to make this!

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Tutorial Granny Square - Paso a Paso, en español this looks very similar to the poncho granny, just need to expand this

I've probably already pinned this but just in case-I sure do need this bc diagrams make me crazy

Crochet diagrams - thank God! There was a day when I could read and translate binary & hex; but crochet diagrams drive me nuts.

Free Double Crochet Hat Using Red Heart With Love Yarn - Sizes Preemie to Adult Large

Simple Double Crochet Hat - A Free Crochet Pattern

Learn how to make the Chainless Starting Double Crochet in the Round in this quick video tutorial! It'll change the way you

The Chainless Starting Double Crochet way of starting rows is the perfect way to avoid the wimpy 3 ch turning chain. How does this stitch work in the round?