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Yes! Why is it so irritating?!

Not just a messy bun, but anything I do to my hair before bed is perfect. It's so annoying!

lmao same

Teenager Post When most girls wear hoodies and messy buns they look amazing. But when I do, I look like I've tried eery drug in the world.

Unfortunately this is true

Embarrassing things that I can relate too. Anything I can relate to tbh

Me when it comes to anything at all. Just kidding. I suck. At life.

Me and playing the piano. Play it fine when alone but when people are around I can't play 😳

So true...

Funny pictures about During any math test. Oh, and cool pics about During any math test. Also, During any math test.

Heh, that extended intro of Drive By gets me every time.

Teenager Post That awkward moment when you sing the wrong part of a song with confidence.

Divergent, Mortal Instruments....>>>>>>>clary is NOT weird, a little awkward in the beginning but she is real badass man!!!! BADASS!!!!!!

How Come in Like Every Single Book Ever the Weird Awkward Girl Gets the hot Popular guy Like This is not how Real Life Works