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Get a sneak peek at winter’s biggest films—including a must-see preview of #IntoTheWoods: http://popwatch.ew.com/2014/10/22/this-weeks-cover-into-the-woods/

This week's cover: 'Into the Woods' enchants EW's holiday film preview

Johnny Depp Becomes The Big Bad Wolf on One of Four New 'Into the Woods' EW Covers!: Photo Johny Depp is blue and hairy as the Big Bad Wolf on this special Into the Woods cover of Entertainment Weekly!

Mad men retourne au bureau : http://jemlacom.com/2012/03/26/mad-men-retourne-au-bureau/

Today, Newsweek heads back to dropping a retro issue inspired by Mad Men's return. Ad Age reports: The "Mad Men"-themed issue can't include one big category from the tobacco advertising, which Newsweek no longer ac… Read

Of Mice And Men, with Gary Sinise

This is a picture of George and Lennie in the story George tell Lennie don't say nothing and George tells Lennie to say in his head "I ant gona say nothing" "I ant gonna say nothing" in the story of mice and men

Jack with the beanstalk : stole too much

Meet the Fairy Tale Cast of Characters Going Into the Woods: Jack (Daniel Huttlestone)

Pinning bc it's feminism and fairy tales and I could need this one day. But really, Cinderella is not "the most anti-feminist tale" nonononononono. Cinderella wakes up and Goes to the ball and makes a decision and takes action. It's undoubtedly our friend Sleeping Beauty who is growing in the most oppressed tale structure. puh-lease. Cinderella Was A Feminist Princess Way Before 'Frozen' And 'Maleficent' Came Along

Cinderella Was A Feminist Princess Long Before 'Frozen' And 'Maleficent'

Into the Woods - Chris Pine - Film - Gewinnspiel - Disney - kulturmaterial

Into the Woods - Chris Pine - Film - Gewinnspiel - Disney - kulturmaterial