Stephanotis and an air plant, really wicked cool and different

Japanese Wedding Bouquets

Stephanotis and an air plant bouquet, would be awesome as boutonnieres and centerpieces too

succulents are sooo 2010...I'm doing an airplant bouquet!

There’s something in the air…

Large tillandsia wedding bouquet--I like the idea of a simple xerographica with wire accents and holder

Air ferns are my new favorite thing! Don't need soil just need to be watered 2x a week

Cinco de Mayo Elopement Inspiration

LOVE the Tillandsia! Air plant for bridal bouquet if you do not like cut flowers idea

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Amazing texture of spathyphyllum spathe. String of bananas ( senicuo not rowliensis) and green amaranthus in what appear to be air roots amazing shape

kim + david baxter

Gorgeous bouquet, extremely seasonally restrictive but goooooorgeous! Love the variegated lily grass. Maybe your Mom would like something like this, or even for your bouquet and/or the bridesmaids.

5月のクラッチブーケ 木陰 : 一会 ウエディングの花

5月のクラッチブーケ 木陰

Aren’t a fan of flowers? Go for succulents, greenery or air plants! Air plants are perhaps the most uncommon way to rock plants on your big day and they ...

bouquet blueprint ~ air plant plum hues create this gorgeous dream bouquet