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Sunday night's (April 13) episode "The Lion and the Rose" was incredibly epic and the Purple Wedding will certainly go down in "GoT" history as one of the best

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Está claro que uno de los personajes con el mejor vestuario es Cersei, y uno de sus elegantes vestidos, este.

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When she escapes Winterfell, Sansa wears an outfit that looks like something taken from her mother, Catelyn's, closet. That's fitting, since the strength it takes to make a break for it is very reminiscent of the Stark matron.

A Compilation of Game of Thrones References — We see Cersei mourning the death of her son, the...

We see Cersei mourning the death of her son, the late King Joffery, in a black brocade gown accented with Lannister gold embroidery. She wears this gown to stand in vigil, with her son Tommen, over.