Oh my god.... (5x16)

Dark Side Of The Moon [gifset] - "I just never realized how long you've been cleaning up dad's messes." - Sam and Dean Winchester;

supernatural funny meme | ... ? Because... That's how you become president. Supernatural President

supernatural funny meme Because. That's how you become president. Life lessons from Dean Winchester


Dean's face Season Seven, Time For A Wedding! (I love the look on Dean's face!

[GIFSET] 2x20 What Is And What Should Never Be I have to say that this is some amazing acting by Jensen because you can see the emotions on Dean's face. He's so happy to see his mom and have the chance to do chores that normal kids complain about and take for granted and then when his mom reminds him of his far from normal life, his smile drops and there's that ever present pain again...ugh feels

it's so sad, dean never got a chance to do anything so close to normal as mowing a lawn. Sam got a chance to have a normal life but that was never the case for dean, and while he seems like he never wanted a normal life, deep down he wishes he did.

My new favorite pin.

Fara Winchester on

"This was like the five minutes into the first episode" BUT IT'S SOO TRUE!!

the moment I fell in love with Dean Winchester - supernatural pilot episode


I love the pure sass on Lucifer's face though. "Really Cas? Of all the things I did, you think I'd go that low?

9x21 King Of The Damned [gifset] - oh my gosh! The tag below it! Hahaha. Loved this scene!

King Of The Damned [gifset] - "You desperately wanted this job, but you didn't know what it was?" - love the tag: you little shit Job hunting is hard - Dean and Sam Winchester, Supernatural. i loved this scene so much

Supernatural - Jump The Shark] - "What'd Dad do with you on your birthday?

Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki are so funny and adorable

Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki are so funny. Makes me think of the WISHING WELL episode, when a little girl wishes her teddy bear would be alive and life-size. The look on Sam's face when he said to Dean,"Sooooo. Are we gonna GANK a teddy bear?