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Scatola degustazione padrini
Great symmetry. | Balance items that are seen, whether on open shelving or behind glass. It facilitates a sense of calm rather than chaos.
Abito floreale Maxi dress abito primavera di AugustVanDerWalz
Fun Fabrication: Vintage pyrex: growing my collection
Teen Summer Bucket List - Free Printable  Summer is just around the corner. My teen is planning all kids of things but you know there is those days that come along where you hear the words "I am bored!". I decided before I had to hear those epic words I would make a list for my teen. However, I thought why not share this same list for a Teen Summer Bucket List with all of you. After all, some of you have teens too.

Teen Summer Bucket List

Pebble Art Rock Art Friends Inspiration di mitchellcreations

Pebble Art - Rock Art - Friends - Inspiration - Family - Daughter - Rustic - Primitive - Garden

20 idee originali per decorare una parete con delle piantine! Lasciatevi ispirare…
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