*don't quote Rihanna, don't quote Rihanna* Hey Tom! Can I stand under your umbrella-ella-ella? *smacks self I head*

Of course - and Englishman with an umbrella. They ALL carry umbrellas.

Tom Hiddleston @ SDCC 2013. Omgosh! Thumb wars! XD

Of course Tom Hiddleston would have a thumb war with a fan!

Tom Hiddleston

The oh so dapper Tom Hiddleston. Come on, now how many men can we honestly call

Imagine seeing this walking down the street towards you. I would either run to his arms...or run far far away out of shock!

Ahe’ey - Sky Falling (An Original Novel - Part 1

Tom Hiddleston -- 😳 that's a really big umbrella

Tom Hiddleston. Photographed by Charlie Gray. Via Torrilla.

i-wanna-be-toms-body-pillow: “ devikafernando: “ i-wanna-be-toms-body-pillow: “ devikafernando: “ graymindlove: “ lolawashere: “ Tom Hiddleston by Charlie Gray. Via Torrilla/weibo ” WHAT THE BLOODY.

Tom! How’d you get back here…oh. Okay. Nevermind. | Can You Get Through This Post Without Needing A Moment?

Can You Get Through This Post Without Needing A Moment?

How’d you get back here…oh." Gifs for fangirls

Tom Hiddleston. Via Torrilla.

hiddlestonredalert: “[HQ] Tom Hiddleston attends Apple Store Soho Presents Meet The Actor: Tom Hiddleston and Wrenn Schmidt, I SAW THE LIGHT at Apple Store Soho on March 2016 in New York.

Tom Hiddleston

For the Love (a Tom Hiddleston fanfic)

You know I'm obsessed with him when I can actually understand some of the words he's saying, even though I've never seen the video with this part in it, and it's all purely by reading his lips and watching his movement... :) <3 :D

His beautiful mouth. I love his serious mouth.

Aaaannnndddddd he's a Doctor Who fan, obviously. He just got like ten times cooler. <<< And a Superman fan!

Tom answers the question on what characters he'd like to play next. Oh my gosh. If he ever played the Doctor I would die. <<<<It's "the Doctor," not "Doctor Who," Hiddles.

Tom Hiddleston. Edit by magnus-hiddleston.tumblr

I want him to be the new Bond .

My Thomas...

Tom Hiddleston amazing art--this is art? Is it edited, or actually painted?

.......que bello......

Tom Hiddleston attends THOR: The Dark Kingdom Germany premiere at CineStar on October 2013 in Berlin, Germany [HQ]

Dear God, please tell me you didn't break the mold when you made Tom Hiddleston.

Tom he is fantastically breathtakingly gorgeous! I mean, seriously. Silly fangirling aside. just freaking wow.

Tom Hiddleston ~ Exploding Ovaries

Tom Hiddleston or Loki

Tom Hiddleston - dancing maniac, driving all of us over the edge as well :)

Tom Hiddleston dances at Thor: The Dark World premier in Korea