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We CAN be rude!!! - Canada..... also Canada OH SORRY I DIDNT MEAN TO BUMP INTO YOU HERE COME TAKE SOME OF MY MAPLE SURUP AND HOCKEY PUCKS ( I live in Canada and this is true)

Given the felony murder rule in the US, this is a completely rationale decision 😂


I would do this, but not for the avenging part, my family is just super nerdy and loves swords.

Pardon the language, but my goodness

So I watch Sesame Street with my toddler. Every time the Mister Noodle routine is on, this story is all I can think of.

My mom had a buyer at the house today while I tore apart my room in an attempt to clean it-- I'm talking about full blown underwear and clothes all over the place-- to make things worse, I had my headset full blast and I was fooling around singing full blast as horrible as possible

Why can't I make friends by doing embarrassing things? More importantly why can't I make friends?<<< yeah doing embarrassing things never gets me anywhere!

It does help a little...

when I see really attractive people I just laugh because I know if we lived in the aztec culture they'd be sacrificed to the gods for their beauty

Raging canadian...

yeah canadians are the nicest people unless you mess with their maple syrup, mooses/meese, or their hockey


I used to do this in high school and the kid next to me would laugh so hard that the teacher would ask what's funny.

There is nothing more terrifying than having pop rocks exploding all up in your face when you are asleep.


Dark white shirt I'm literally dying of laughter right now oh my gosh