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Vintage Summer Icons - Classic Vintage Photos of Iconic Women - Sophia Loren Rome, Italy, 1957

49 Vintage Pictures of Our Favorite Icons Enjoying Summer

Sophia Loren-The Italian actress poses in the year she began to make a name for herself in America in such movies as Boy on a Dolphin (her U. debut) and Legend of the early, down to earth look at Sophia Loren before her rise to fame

Sofia Lorn--Always beautiful and the true meaning of elegance and grace.

Wallpaper and background photos of Sophia Loren for fans of Sophia Loren images.

At 79 years of age, Sophia Loren is as glamorous, attractive and vivacious as she was in 1966, dressed in a red PVC coat as secret agent in Marie Menken’s Arabesque. With her silk scarves, pearl earrings, and deep chestnut skin, she is the epitome of Italian glamour. "There is a fountain of youth," she once said, "that when you learn to tap it, defeats age.

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...Se nem mesmo o tempo é um creme para retardar a beleza, ... Para ficar beleza?! , passe dia à dia, o hidratante do Amor que há dentro de você! ...

Sophia Loren, Legend Of The Lost, 1957 Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Everett

Adorned with a bouquet flowers overlooking the glamorous horizon in Cannes, 1959

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