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The dynamic works of London-based illustrator Martin Tomsky can usually be found bringing children’s books to life… but it’s when he gets hi...

London-based artist Martin Tomsky creates wooden sculptures composed of layers of laser cut wood


Mini Cardboard Mickey

Mini Cardboard Mickey and more Incredible Gift Ideas at Perpetual Kid. Are you a fan of building puzzles and Disney? Have some fun building our Mini Cardboar

great centerpiece idea with greens or a candlepiece ....

Hand Bowl

Here's a small bowl I made from interlocking layers of birch plywood. I designed it using Poser, Blender and Autodesk Make, then used a laser cutter to.

.andrew bourke...wood artist..turner....pretoria..south africa

south africa [Is this a turning or a carving? Either way it's a fine piece.


Du côté de chez Fleux !

Vince Human Skull SE Brown by Cardboard Safari, now featured on Fab. I wish I could justify spending the money on this.

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Martin Tomsky's Wooden Masterpieces

London-based artist Martin Tomsky uses a laser cutter to create wonderfully intricate art out of layers of cut wood. His works are available for purchase on his Etsy store. photos via Martin Tomsky via My Modern Metropolis


model Sliced model of a head made from 2 mm MDF. Made using Autodesk

how to bend wood lasercut - Google zoeken

Lasering wood to create flexible materials, varying cut density to create curves.

This is Round stool(type all rounds). for TenkaizuBudoukai TenkaizuBudokai facebook.com/TenkaizuBudokai f.Labo f-labo.tumblr.com Instructions THINGS TO PREPARE MDF 2.5mm 1820×910mm 2sheets

Round Stools(type All Rounds)

Cardboard Safari - Vince Human Skull, $40.00 (http://www.cardboardsafari.com/products/human-skull-mask/vince-human-skull/)

Vince Cardboard Human Skull

Vince The Human Skull Recycled Cardboard Sculpture White SE Collector's Edition