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Kre-O Transformers Autobot Assault Devastator

Buy Kre-O Transformers Autobot Assault Devastator - The Entertainer.

Hyperion - Titan Class mecha by The Grandpappy, via Flickr

People make amazing custom spaceships out of LEGO, sure, but they also make amazing custom mechs as well.

IMAG2102 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

We all love a good LEGO Gundam or Macross mecha, but LEGO builders everywhere are also creating excellent models of their own designs.

izzo. lego mech.

Another lego robot (there's going to be quite a few lego robots from now on so I am just going to put lego robot)

Disconnect CR1

Quite a random anti personnel combat mech I did today. While I was waiting for various orders for my project, I felt like building and finally used a few unused pieces to build this.

Lets get killed. by J5N, via Flickr

GFK "RODAN" Warsuit mkII Mashup of various concept Mecha designs I've been drooling over recently. The feet are tiny, but support the mecha with relatively few problems. If I have the impetus, I will take more shots with additional weapon configurations.