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Star Wars, Percy Jackson, Maze Runner, Ender's Game, Hunger Games, Divergent, Doctor Who, Narnia-Human

Star Wars, Percy Jackson, Maze Runner, Hunger Games Narnia is all I know in that. (I'm glad they didn't use move pics for Percy!

-that's what makes them heroes." -Clary Fairchild, City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare

Hero's divergent, doctor who, Harry potter, supernatural, Percy Jackson

Merlin & Narnia & Divergent & Harry Potter & The Hunger Games & The Mortal Instruments & The Maze Runner & Percy Jackson & TFIOS & Teen Wolf & Sherlock & Doctor Who & Supernatural & LOTR & Game of Thrones & Grey's Anatomy.

I love all these characters they are from all my fandoms.. But pls take out sassy ._. Annabeth can do better than that

I like how the pictures of tris, katniss and hermione are the actors from the movies but the Percy Jackson movies sucked so badly that the picture of annabeth is fan art

That's me!!

I'm putting this on my Entertainment board because it could really be true for Outlander, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Supernatural and The Musketeers. So many fandoms.

Books Have The Ability To Change Your World (Harry Potter, The Faults In Our Stars, The Host, Percy Jackson, The Mortal Instruments, The Hunger Games, Divergent, The Maze Runner)

Harry Potter, The Fault in our Stars The Host, Percy Jackson, Immortal Instruments Hunger Games, Divergent and the Maze Runner

They got all of my favorite fandoms. They even remembered Merlin!--- not in supernatural fandom but shall pin any way

Thank you, fandoms. Narnia LOTR Harry Potter Avengers Hunger Games Merlin Doctor Who (haven't seen it yet) Sherlock The Hobbit (need to watch it) and Supernatural *and I'm part of the rest of these fandoms already lol!

My life in a pic (if ya just add in Gallagher girls and OUAT)

The Mortal Instruments ~ Percy Jackson ~ Divergent ~ The Hunger Games ~ Harry Potter ~ The Fault in our Stars

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Kaya: thoughtful Thomas: doesnt care Alex: hungry Chris: smart Dexter: probs crushin on kaya Jacob: bored Ki Hong: Totally Selfish Dylan: Cute little puppy

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I'm a storm with  skin <3

Tris - Merida - Rue - Ginny - Katniss - Hermione - Elsa - Luna - Elsa again