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My "Treat Dreams": Halloween Dog Costume Ideas - dog kissing booth costume

Long Haired Chihuahua on Pinterest | Chihuahua Puppies, Chihuahua ...

It is a Pomeranian-[long-haired] Chihuahua. I have one that looks just like this only she is tri-color. My little Sophie. Best little Pom-Chi in the world

Fortunately for all involved, pets seem to have an innate|<3<3!happy-pets/c24do   | A Healthy Place To Visit  <3<3 |   protective sense when it comes to babies and children (except for my grandma's weimaraner, ...

Super heroes cute funny picture and these dog and baby in super hero costume of superman and batman smile you and you say what a cute funny super heroes.

I've developed a sudden penchant for chihuahuas. MB says I can't have one because...he hates Paris Hilton.

I've developed a sudden penchant for chihuahuas.he hates Paris Hilton. FOR SHAME says li'ol PRINCESS (my chihuahua)

Oh my gosh I am in love with this little lady! I need to go find one to rescue!


Long hair chihuahua - just so tiny and cute you have to spoil them :) ONEDAY! A future friend for ollie

Chihuahua puppy in the leaves. He looks so much like my Cheech, I miss him.

Chihuahua puppy in the leaves. My pup loves running and attacking as many leaves as possible hehe

love the fuzzy ears ::: A long haired Chihuahua so sweet. Lorr

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