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Raven by Agaver

winking-magpie-mitch-shindelbower.jpg 900×600 пиксел.

winking-magpie-mitch-shindelbower.jpg 900×600 пиксел.

Geometry in nature

Experiments with the golden ratio, top view of dandelion seeds with black background. Notice the spiral pattern. - board I pinned this from is all spirals and Fibonacci

The wings of a butterfly magnified at 200x by Charles Krebs / Butterfly wing scales - Panacea prola (www.photomacrography.net)

The wings of a butterfly magnified at by Charles Krebs / Butterfly Wing Scales - Panacea prola

Baby panthers Remaong and Ferra, twin panther cubs born on April cling to a tree during their public debut on July 13 at the Berlin Zoo in Germany.

Squirrel 47 by Cundrie-la-Surziere.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Squirrel 47 by Cundrie-la-Surziere on DeviantArt

Birdproof Spiral Jet Engine by vitroid on Flickr. Original photo: flickr.com/photos/dpg/232689305

Birdproof Spiral Jet Engine Suitable for use at Laguardia, N. By vitroid Masakazu Matsumoto

Hosta Leaves 10 by Ralph Gabriner. Simple, yet profound...

Hosta Leaves 10 by Ralph Gabriner (Color Photograph

Great shape inspiration for foldforms (Ralph Gabriner "Hosta Leaves Color Photograph). This would be great inspiration for metal-forming a pendant or earrings.