Jaguar with cubs

Jaguar Twins with Mom, cubs have a death rate their first year not counting poaching

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Our national animal tiger essay for kids Tiger Essay in English for School Kids Class Simple school essay on Tiger animal for students. The Tiger Essay in English.

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He's top cat. He is more dominate and thinks every dominate male is a threat to him. His sister is Dignity. He is a kind and loyal male who wants a mate one day. He is fast, strong and wise and has no cubs.

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To get this over with!

I love those blue tigers! Second fave is the white tigers. then the liger/tigon, then the golden tiger, then the snow white tiger!

tiger, 4k, winter, wildlife, muzzle, predators

tiger, 4k, winter, wildlife, muzzle, predators


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You're gonna hear me ROAR..(: I love tigers.. & I love da song roar!

You're gonna hear me ROAR.(: I love tigers. & I love da song roar!

The Lord’s voice will roar from Zion and thunder from Jerusalem, and the heavens and the earth will shake. But the Lord will be a refuge for his people, a strong fortress for the people of Israel.