A lot of beach, ocean, sea . other than that, who know what I'll find as I wander?

The art of Swahili Dhow Racing Photo by david schweitzer on Getty Images

Swahili Dhow Racing III - Lamu Archipelago, Kenya - by David Schweitzer


I dream about sailing through the calm water, taking in the sunset.

November 19 2017 at 07:09PM from sabonhomeblog

he saw from the side of a high hill a strange ship at anchor in the cove beneath. Now a ship might mean one thing or she might mean another; and a man's life might depend upon the difference.

Sailing  Gentleman’s Essentials//

Sailing Gentleman’s Essentials

to-jannah:  الإسراء |  Al-‘Isra’

Oh to sail away on a summer's day, Amongst the ocean breeze, where one can be at ease. A dream come true, for me and you. I sit and ponder, dare I to wonder. Come and sail away with me.

Sail Away, Nautical And Maritime - Naval Architecture

Calm sailing trip - San Diego Bay past Point Loma, California - National Geographic - July 1969